Engaging self-employed subbies can put you at risk with HMRC

BSL can eliminate this risk and take care of all of your CIS management requirements.

Our role in the supply chain is to remove the risk of employment status challenges that can come with engaging subcontractors.







The aim of the business is to help construction firms remain both compliant with their employment and tax responsibilities in relation to their use of self-employed sub-contractors, and to remain commercially competitive. 

we have constantly updated our business model, contracts, operating procedures and terms of business, in response to the ever-changing regulatory landscape. We continue to invest significant time, money and expertise into our business to ensure that we can offer clients fully compliant solutions. BSL offer clients a solid, robust, HMRC compliant solution which has never been challenged by the tax authorities, and includes a 100% guarantee to protect clients, and their businesses from the threats they face in order to maintain a compliant workforce.



We specialise in working with small to medium contractors to help them retain as much commercial flexibility as legislation allows, and avoid unnecessary costs.

Our approach is relationship focused; we work with you to overcome issues you may face and to find suitable bespoke solutions that saves you time, money allowing you to focus on the job at hand.

With BSL, you get: 

  • Industry-leading software

  • Expert human support

  • Tax and VAT management

  • Helpful payment services

...And loads more.

  • Verify each sub-contractor with HMRC, and

  • Calculate and pay each sub-contractor in line with your current agreements

  • SMS each sub-contractor how much they are going to be paid

  • Provide both a payment statement (for each time the sub-contractor is paid) and an annual CIS deduction statement.

Here are just some of the many reasons to choose BSL:

  • You’ll get full support from our plain-speaking payroll experts whenever you need it.

  • You’ll get your own personal contact to call for help if you need it.

  • You’ll free yourself of your payroll responsibilities.

  • You know that your payroll will be delivered accurately and on time, every time.





With Years of experience working in the construction industry, we understand the pressures of self-employment.

Each time you get paid we’ll make the necessary deductions. We'll also process your expenses for any
materials you need to do your job and provide you with a statement of your earnings. 

At BSL, we’ll support you and your contracting career. That’s why our CIS registration is swift,
simple and stress free. We’ll verify your status with HMRC in a matter of minutes and can get you set up straightaway.


An umbrella company is a simple and hassle-free option utilised by independent contractors working on many short-term contracts for agencies or end clients. BSL will employ you making Pay as You Earn (PAYE) Tax and National Insurance (NI) deductions for you, ensuring tax compliance.

BSL Contracting Services

BSL Contracting Services provides subcontracted construction services across the UK. Our CIS payment model ensures all subcontractors are compliantly paid under the rules and regulations of HMRC, in conjunction with the CIS scheme. Our process removes the legislative burden and risks arising from engaging directly with self-employed subcontractors, ensuring they are engaged correctly with the relevant CIS payments being made to HMRC.


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